Arno Carstens just dropped “Lift My Spirit” and the video does just that

A fun, feel-good escape for those who are feeling bogged down by the current global state of affairs, Arno Carstens delivers “Lift My Spirit” with rapid enthusiasm which is as contagious as it is catchy.

There’s a definite optimism as Arno Carstens reassures us that “life gets better, baby” – while the drums keep the energy at a constant boiling point.

The video exists somewhere between a fever dream and a trance party, with one or two calmer sections providing reprieve for the eyes and the mind. The shots are erratic, with an almost strobe-light quality akin to house party that’s about to move up a gear or two.

Moments of reprieve are well-placed and necessary – leaping forth just as the the video feels like it’s about to become overwhelming.

Erratic in the best way possible, this video is honed with its rapid shots giving it a party feel that’s oh-so-addictive.