ByLwansta’s SpijØnget: Chapter One is a homely conversation of universal themes revitalised

Fuck it.

That’s apparently what SpijØnget means – although I can’t for the life of me find any Google evidence.

The title is the result of ByLwansta turning his middle finger up to the self doubt which kept him from releasing music since 2016.

Part one of a three-part concept album, SpijØnget: Chapter One takes the universal concepts of late nights, friendship, and the raw ease of relationships with a refreshing slant.

His sound is a spoken-word style rap: easy to follow in its simplicity, deeply relatable its conversational approach. Vulgarity is few and far between – it’s high-quality, well-textured production and I want to dig my teeth into it.

Spoof-style dialogue slips into the open spaces of “Stay Naked” (an ode to a day at home with the girlfriend, backed by a clacking percussive beat), while “It’s Late” speaks of the dangers of sleep deprivation with the sort of casual quirk he seems to roll so well with.

“This Homie” takes the cake for a track which is going to make you wanna move – and pays homage to the importance of friendship within a relationship. Some hard truths there if I ever heard them.

It’s fresh and invigourating, and if this release is anything to go by, he’s got some treats up his sleeve I can’t wait to hear.