Chaos Doctrine put a fresh spin on the familiar with “The Chaos Chronicles”

Johannesburg-based thrash-industrial metal outfit Chaos Doctrine have released The Chaos Chronicles Volume 1: a selection of re-worked tracks originally released on their self-titled debut album.

“F.T.G”, the opening track, does away with the straight-up thrash metal of the original and instead gives us a sinister, sprawling intro which leads into powerful, commanding industrial metal while “Incubator,” which is listed as a ‘Primal Demix’ sheds its embellishments and proves that there’s power in simplicity.

Also included on the album is the demo version of “Cult”. Here the sweeping orchestral compositions of the original are replaced by a single grand piano which turns the grandiosity we’ve become familiar with into tragic sentimentality.

Perhaps the most daring change is made on “The Genocide Number”. Without doing too much to the composition, the song has been turned on its head with the lyrics expertly translated into Afrikaans. There’s no need to worry though, because the lyrical structure hasn’t changed at all and the change in language brings with it even more ferocity.

Through their willingness to alter familiar songs, Chaos Doctrine put their versatility on full display and show us that no song is too good to be remixed.