Cubbi: the new face of Cape Town electro-pop swag

“Do you spell it C-U-B-B-I?” plays Tecla’s voice note. “If that’s the guy you’re talking about, he’s fucking incredible!”

When I told her about Cubbi’s official EP release and suggested a review, it was a hard yes. [Here’s Friday night, 10 May’s event: Cubbi Live Party.]

So, I expertly performed an online stalk and learned as much about CPT-based singer, songwriter and producer, Cubbi, as I could. I was simultaneously impressed and intrigued.

Apparently most Cubbi’s music’s been available online, and I’ve just been sleeping on it. Thank god I woke up, ‘cause I’ve been ready for a breath of fresh air on the South African pop front.

His debut EP nothingspecial is far too ironically titled. The first thing I thought when I heard the intro track Lose A Love was: Bon-Iver-meets-Frank-Ocean-meets-electro-pop. Yes, massive claim, and no, they can’t be replicated. But Cubbi knows how to capture a mood.

The lyrics are a relatable and honest, exploring love, sexuality, and illness. It’s an unashamed account of his reality and you can’t help but feel. Everything is set to the dopest electro-hop beats, making wigga-got-swag the theme of this EP.

It combines spacey electronic production, dark, brooding chord progressions, and ambient vocals in the sassiest, most swag-dripping way I’ve heard come out of Cape Town in the longest time.

It’s going to be something special to see this music come to life at EVOL. Lucky for you, tickets to Friday night’s show are still available here.

The line-up includes Lo-Ghost (DJ set), HOLY FUNK, Dragmother, Queezy, and Emotional Weather Report so don your darndest and give into the electro-swag. Doors open at 9PM.