Diamond Thug’s Gaiafy is a beautifully crafted reminder of the fragility of our world

I have always indulged in the left-field philosophical approach of Diamond Thug when it comes to their themes and sound.

Gaiafy: to amalgamate oneself with the Earth through the acceptance of one’s position in the world.

Yes, you might need to read that twice.

This band possesses the sort of rare quality of being able to construct expertly otherworldly soundscapes and pivot them off a subtle, yet effortlessly hard-hitting message – and this EP is no exception.

Gaiafy brings things home for a cold hard look at the realities we’re facing, as well as accepting your position in this world.

“You analyse the future / I hope the wall you build falls down […] calm down,” Chantel Van T lilts in the title track – which is dark and stormy and menacing in its gritty synth drive.

“Aphotic Waters” and “Tell Me” constantly tread the line between ambience and groove, while “Face The Sky” is enchanting and rooted in earthy tones. African percussion, and a hollow-tone undercurrent weave through as electronic-ism supplants instrumentals and vice versa.

“Midnight Moan” wraps things up on the most psych-rock note I have every heard from them.

Take it with a pinch of salt and open ears.

You’re going to want to hear what they have to say.