Electro powerhouse Micr.Pluto pushes sonic and visual boundaries in his futuristic “Metanoia”

A bizarre blend of traditional African influence and distant, space-cadet-esque drive, Micr-Pluto just dropped his video for “Metanoia” and it’s all sorts of weird and wonderful.

The Jozi-based producer and electro artist is a longstanding powerhouse within the local experimental beat scene and he pivots from behind his label Subterranean Wavelength – whose name might explain his otherwordly sonic explorations.

Warping, bulbous synth looms to the surface and breaks it as a solid percussive bass core gravitates in. Rhea Blek – who has been doing her rounds on the collabs lately, we see you girl – offers up languid, hazy vocals which are more instrumental than a centerpiece to the track.

The video is purple-soaked and strange. Owning the African angle I constantly seek in South African music, four women are draped in scarves and move fluidly through each frame, dipping and moving to their respective beats and intentions. Purple eyes flash to the sky.

The contrasts catch you off guard. Reflective visors and spinning cubic portals counter traditional, earth-rooted ritual.  

It’s experimental and wily. Raw, dark space surrealism backed by stoic Afro-femme power.