Fresh Flex Friday

Fresh Flex Friday 86

On Monday I stepped off an airplane, returning from a holiday in paradise, and was greeted by freezing cold weather and grey skies. A reminder that summer isn’t endless and that if you don’t dress warmly you’ll end up with flu (hello from under my duvet with a fever). Regardless of my state of health, we have another excellent selection of music this week. Our local musicians have been working hard and here of some of the fruits of their labour. Stay healthy and enjoy the music.

Yndian Mynah – Massimo (Don’t Go)

My favourite instrumental storytellers return with a new single. Once again successfully capturing the raw energy of emotion that can be communicated without words, this band continues to astound me with each release. It’s important to understand that compositions like this do not only have a place in scoring films, but should be enjoyed and appreciated in as many places as possible, as often as possible.

Yum Yuck – Never Gonna Give It Up

In complete contrast to the first song featured today, I cannot deny the absolute necessity and beauty of Pascal’s vocals in every Yum Yuck release. He is an outstanding songwriter who has worked tirelessly to produce a style that encapsulates serene melancholy. His music feels like sunshine on a winter’s day. That undeniable warmth and groove sneaking through the cold reality, giving us a sense of joy regardless of our emotional state. 

Richard Brokensha feat Carla Louw – Honey

This artist has been a member of some of the top bands in South Africa over the expanse of his career. His solo career success is a testament to his tenacity, talent and passion. This collaboration with the incredible Carla Louw is a considered and inspired pairing of voices. As golden and smooth as freshly harvested honey, I imagine this track producing a fair amount of goosebumps once we experience these two artists live on stage together.

myageisdigital – The Wanderer 

Engaging from the outset, this track transports you on the path of the song’s protagonist with the potential to tap into an element of familiarity with the listener. The overwhelming pressure of social interaction and society’s boundaries, searching for an escape from these feelings. Well constructed songwriting, effective production and a strong vocal. This song is definitely worth the time spent exploring it.

Crossfire Collision – Deadlock 

I was fortunate enough to spend my formative music industry years elbow deep in the South Africa punk scene, a reckless and incomparable time in this country where Black Label beer sales where at an all time high and grown men got half naked and stage dived in small dirty clubs around the country. This EP from Crossfire Collision makes me deeply nostalgic for that era, and I’m here for it.