Fresh Flex Friday

Fresh Flex Friday 87

Whatever decision you made this week, whether you voted or not, I hope we can all recognise the significance of the events that took place.

25 years of freedom is no small achievement and with that accolade comes the reminder of how much we are able to do and achieve because of the very first election that took place in 1994. I am humbled by the privilege I have to use my voice on the internet, and to be able to share the music and stories that I do each week.

I appreciate every artist, and the audience who takes the time to listen to their music. And with that in mind I hope you enjoy this week’s selection.

KYMAC – A Night Out EP

its not easy to make this style of soulful bass music without edging into a realm of predictable structures. It was pioneered and dominated by artists who have successfully spread this sound to the far reaches of the globe. But KYMAC has produced an excellent showcase of his take on this style, which is both groovy and intricate. The kind of tracks that would be as much at home in a sundown set on a rooftop in the city as it would be in an international radio mix. Great work all round.

Zakes Bantwini – Freedom featuring Moonga K

The timing of this track is perfect. As the citizens of South Africa made their mark this past week in our national elections, freedom is a critical consideration. The pairing of Moonga and Zakes has rendered a groove and spirit that translates the message of the song in a manner both inspiring and motivational. It makes you want to move and renew your energy, take control and secure your freedom.

Seba Kaapstad – Don’t 

A multi-national neo-soul quartet, comprising of  South African, Swazi and German members. It’s an absolute pleasure to be able to share content this beautiful. The message of the music is delivered so well thanks to the clear understanding of structures, harmony and composition. The product as a whole is flawless as the sum of its incredible parts,  both vocally and instrumentally.  And we can swell with pride knowing that the outstanding Zoe Modiga is part of this group.

RRA – Young Skinhead Redux

I’m always excited when artists like this end up in my inbox. I’m a huge supporter of hip hop artists who use their narrative authentically. In any style of music you should want to know more about the artist after listening to their work, and unfortunately in hip hop that often falls away into a trap of false idols. The lo-fi chaos in the beat, along with style switch-ups of the vocals has me clicking repeat every time the track threatens to end.

X14 – Better Off

Wet Dreams Recordings returns with a sneaky winter dancefloor devastator courtesy of X14. An artist like this deserves the unwavering support that they receive from a label like WDR. Without it, it is nearly impossible to flourish in any genre that is regarded as too underground or too alien to main market audiences. What we are treated to when we give these artists a chance, is an unexpected and refreshing injection of groundbreaking music into our often predictable playlists.