Fresh Flex Friday

Fresh Flex Friday 88

This week has been an emotional storm, learning more about the atrocious laws being passed in states across America has really kicked me in the gut.

I am glad to have discovered some music this week that is sending out good vibes and love because that’s exactly what we all need right now. Now more than ever we need to show empathy and arm ourselves with knowledge because there are cruel people in this world who are threatening our futures. Good luck out there, stay safe. 

Aston Wylie – Stormy Waters

An incredibly well-constructed exercise in electronic-infused pop. Aston has a great understanding of his vocal range, the importance of song structure and delivers the message of his song in a manner that has the listener hooked from the first chorus. This is a crowd catcher for live performances, and could easily find it’s place on a feel-good movie soundtrack.

The Curious Incident – Eating Sunshine

All I hear when this song plays is Vampire Weekend. That is by no means a bad thing, but I can’t ignore the similarity. It is a fun song that will have you dancing around the room with your headphones in, distracting you from whatever task you were supposed to be completing. Give it a try, add it to your playlist, jump around. 

Yo Grapes – Cool Around You

Yo Grapes is the Michael Cera of writing love songs. Cute, dorkish and utterly, undeniably lovable. I’ve never heard a Yo Grapes song that I didn’t fall for immediately. This new track is no different, and if we are all blessed with a love like the kind he sings about, just once in our lives, then we can count ourselves lucky. 

Paul Van Der Walt – The Clear Blue Beyond

If you’re a fan of emotional, poignantly dramatic and spacially magnificent ambient music, then Paul Van Der Walt is your man. These original compositions which soundtrack The Clear Blue Beyond, an imaginary sci-fi inspired tale, bring to life a story that will have you wishing you could explore this journey beyond the music. I was on the verge of tears and covered in goosebump by the end of this EP.

Jakarumba – Khumbula feat Kid X and Thebe

Last week I had the privilege of attending the screening of Rave and Resistance, the documentary about the role of dance music during the 90’s in South Africa. Part of that documentary touches on Trompies, the legendary kwaito pioneers. This week I was so pleased to discover a new track from Jakarumba who was part of Trompies. Do yourself a favour and bump this one loud, it’s a killer.