Fresh Flex Friday

Fresh Flex Friday #90

I’m writing this feature from the balcony of my hotel in Croatia, where I am attending the Lighthouse Festival.

Last night there was a South African showcase stage that featured Floyd Lavine, Atelier and Dope Saint Jude. I am continually inspired by the bridges that music can build, because of the work I do I get to be in this incredible place.

And every one of the amazing artists I feature each week is channeling their energy into being able to reach new heights and travel to new places with their music. So please support where you can, because it really makes a massive difference to each one of them.

Hunter As A Horse – New Light

Everything about this song is a mood. The Johannesburg duo has perfectly captured the essence of wasted youth. Hearing this today in particular hits differently as I’m in an introspective state which has this song conjuring a lot of nostalgia and emotion. The repetition of “like we’ll be young forever, we’ll be kids forever…” is a reminder that we really don’t have all the time in the world and that perhaps we need to savour the special moments in our lives a lot more than we do. 

Jann Klose and Karen Zoid – Pour the Champagne

The two songwriters met in South Africa at a writing camp, Klose is based in the USA and Zoid is a national treasure of South African folk music. The pair have voices that were made to harmonize. This single is true to each artists style, resulting in a product that has the potential to be far-reaching in popularity in both their markets.

De Mthuda & Njelic – Shesha

I was prepping for a show last week and discovered this song. It slaps so hard that there was no way I wasn’t going to play it in the club. But what I wasn’t aware of, was how massive this song already is amongst house lovers. The moment I dropped it the energy of the dancefloor changed drastically, and sustained for the duration of the track. There was even a guy using his beer bottle as a phone for the that part of the track. Do yourself a favour and get to know this track, you will want to dance to it as often as possible.

Tzara – The Lost File Lament 

Think about every time you’ve been completing a document and the programme crashes erasing your work, or you’re online completing a payment and the app times out making you lose your purchase. Now imagine pouring hours of your creativity into your music only for the project files to be lost forever. The thought alone terrifies me, but for Tzara it was a real nightmare. After debating whether or not to release the incomplete work, she has finally bitten the bullet and gifted us with this incredible EP.

Prince Kaybee, Msaki – Fetch Your Life (Afro Brotherz Spirits Remix)

One of the latest sensations in the Afro-House game is Prince Kaybee, responsible for some of our favourite Dezemba teasers. Msaki is an increcible vocalist and songwriter in her own right, I had the pleasure of seeing her peform in Johannesburg last week and I was blown away. This collaboration was released a while ago but this Afro Brotherz remix is a new take on an already amazing track, breathing new life into the dancefloor hit.