Here’s your exclusive look inside the new Van Coke Studios in Cape Town

We all know that Francois Van Coke has more than his fair share of projects on his plate at the moment, so naturally the next step would be to open a recording studio. Naturally.

Alongside his bandmates Richard Onraet (head producer and engineer) and Jedd Kossew (studio manager and Richard’s self-proclaimed sidekick), the trio officially opened Van Coke Studios in Chiappini Str in Cape Town last week.

“It’s really cool for us to have our own space where we can work and record and develop young artists, but also work with established artists on full productions,” Francois explained.

“I will be involved in the music production and writing at Van Coke Studios, as well as the day to day running of the studio,” Jedd chimed in.

It also seems that, even though they’ve only just officially started taking bookings, Van Coke Studios has already received more than its fair share of work to keep everyone busy.

“In the first three months we have done voiceovers, recorded three tracks with an artist called Dara Jazzlyn, and recorded radio adverts in association with Jacaranda for companies like Hitch Digital, One Day Only and 99c,” Richard explained.

Let’s be honest, there’s no way this studio is going to be anything but successful.

The Van Coke brand has extended parallel to that of Fokofpolisiekar’s and I’m very interested to see what other projects lie in store for Francois and his team.

For all bookings and enquires you can contact:

All photos courtesy of Jaco S. Venter.