JPson’s video for “One Day” is every adventurous influencer’s dream

JPSon teams up with world-renowned windsurfer Adam Sims and his girlfriend Alina Shalin for this travel blog-esque montage of sunset-soaked adventures on boards and boats, roads and rivers.

It navigates the semi-sentimental thematic vein of a reminder of just how incredible life is if you actively make things happen. That being said, it’s not going to be all sunshine and rainbows – but that’s just my cynicism slipping into play.

Simplistic acoustic guitar and a kick drum rhythm lifts the song to its feet, while hollow, woody percussion and gilded synth sidle into the scene to flesh things out a little. The track is fine-tuned balance of boogie-inducing subtlety.

The video is an almost promo-style montage of the good-life on the road. From forest preambles which lead to rainbow-edged waterfalls, to sweeping aerial shots of winding roads and heaving ocean as they take to their surfboards – if it weren’t for the sepia-toned footage it might be overwhelmingly cheesy.

Instead it’s cute as heck, and subtly anthemic and ambitious in chasing one’s dreams across the world.