Looking to RAMfest: Facing The Gallows

You’d better get your muscle relaxants ready because South Africa’s favourite metalcore band ‘Facing The Gallows’ are going to have you headbanging so hard your neck will be stiff for weeks.

I caught up with Chase Beynon of FTG ahead of their Ramfest performance.

I think there was a collective despairing cry from music fans countrywide when RAMfest announced that the festival would be taking a hiatus until further notice. What do you guys think about Ram’s return and how do you feel about being on the line-up?

We are honestly ecstatic with the return of RAMfest. RAM are one of the few organisers who have always backed and supported heavy and alternative music on a larger scale. We are truly grateful to be given the opportunity to be a part of their line up once again!

I noticed that one of the acts on RAM’s line-up is Timo ODV, which means that other than the usual RAM fans, an entirely new group of people are going to be attending the festival this year. For those who haven’t yet heard your music, how would you describe your sound?

Thats our kind of show! FTG has always been committed to try and open up peoples minds with regards to metal, its not all upside down crosses and pig squeals. Our sound is an energetic mix of heavy genres from hardcore punk to death metal, but in a nutshell we would describe ourselves as metalcore.

After Bryan Binneman left the band last year, you got a new vocalist (Reegan Du Buisson) in August. Tell me a bit about how Reegan, with his own distinct vocal style, has influenced the band’s sound and what the general reception has been; now that you’ve been playing together for quite a few months?

Reegan joining the band has been quite seamless and hassle free, he is a chilled easy going guy, and got on well with the rest of us straight from the start. After jumping into studio with Reegan, we quickly realised he has an amazing tone dial on his vocals that we can tweak to suit a part of a song best, its incredible! We have received crazy amounts of positive feedback on Reegan from live shows, I think us as a band as well as fans can agree we made the right choice!

At Krank’d Up last year you guys brought Bryan up on stage to perform a couple of songs with the band. Was this just for old times sake, or are you guys going to be collaborating with him in the future?

It started out as a throwback for old times sake with a medley of our early tracks. We also had our old guitarist Rick join us for that and we planned to have Nem our old drummer too but unfortunately he couldnt make the show. After Krank’d Up we realised we wanted our ex members to still be a part of the FTG family, so you may see them on an album or stage with us in the near future! 

You guys have been in the South African metal scene for twelve years now, which kind of makes all of you an authority on it. If you had to describe the local metal scene in one word, what would it be?

Over the years we have seen the ups and downs of the SA metal scene, bands, promoters, and media come and go, but an overall underlying element that has always been there keeping things alive is: passion.

I saw you guys mention in another interview that the person you’d most like to share the stage with is Taylor Swift for a “Bad Blood” mashup. Would ever you consider performing  a T Swift cover as a joke or do you think it might cause your fans to spontaneously combust?

Sure definitely! [Laughs] Just as long as we can make it disgustingly heavy enough to melt peoples faces!

Check out the 3-date tour below.

Friday 14 June – Rumours Rock City JHB – Tickets available here

Saturday 15 June – Mercury Live CPT – Tickets available here

Sunday 16 June (Youth Day) – RAMfest PTA – Tickets available here