Meet Cinnamon Buns and his Please Be Serious EP which is spoof experimentation gone quite right

The half-nonsense bedroom experiment of Simon McCauley – who freshly hails beneath the pseudonym of Cinnamon Buns – turns out to be pretty good. If a bit burnt around the edges.

It’s the kind of offering which is birthed from a couple of weeks messing around in a corner and suddenly an EP comes of it. I have the feeling even Cinnamon Buns himself isn’t quite sure how this all ended up on Spotify but I’d take a listen if I were you.

Disregard the occasional repetitive verse which loops into oblivion (see “Hey Here’s Some Trash”) and take into account the heavily textured tracks whose languid pace is offset by the multitude of rhythm and synth.

A gravelly, fibrillating bass-line grates against your eardrums as “Filth” drops its beat, countered in vaguely Eastern influence and unprecedented solo electronic guitar tones before the beat stumbles back into play.

“Scarlet” is washed in space-cadet synth and dipped in skollie rap (“This song goes out to the meisie Scarlet/ looking nca/ fresh/ no bralette.”)

Hone this down a bit and we’ve got some stuff to get you grooving.