Mother City Pub Quiz (formerly the LMG Pub Quiz) to make its return at Gardens Bowling Club

Let it be known that there’s nothing I love more than a healthy dose of competition.

The LMG Pub Quiz at Mercury Live was the legendary place where, alongside my team Quiz On My Face (excellent name, I know), we flexed hard to see who had the bigger brain.

Mike LMG Smith was the master of ceremonies and we compete against each other in round after round of brain-wracking music-related questions – while getting absolutely rat-faced.

Quiz On My Face never won but fuck me did we have a great time, although that feature picture is me winning a bottle of Sailor Jerry, so at least I represented hard at one point.

I talk about these Pub Quizzes often, so yesterday when I saw that it is due to make a comeback at the end of the month, I immediately rounded up part of the old gang.

What I’m trying to say is, you need to be at the first Pub Quiz on Thursday the 30th of May at Gardens Bowls Club.

It’s R30 a head and teams can’t be bigger than 6 people.

To register and book your team all you have to do is drop an email to with “Mother City Pub Quiz Booking” in the subject line.

Good luck and see you there!