Mx Blouse’s “Ukufa” is a cold hard look at mortality beneath a catchy hip hop guise

There is something to be said about awaking in a fever delirium to find your bed surrounded by your late ancestors. A confrontation with your own mortality if there ever was one.

This is the driving point behind Mx Blouse’s “Ukufa” – which directly translates as death from isiZulu. Eerie and semi ethereal, they spit languid rap verses lazily through the high tone synth and boom-kah bass-line.

The video itself is pretty light in terms of visuals – you need something to counter the heavy theme. While electronic percussion enters the scene to pull up the track by its collar, black and white visuals counter de-saturated colour counterparts.

Perhaps what really sets Mx Blouse apart is their non-gender conforming approach to the industry. The result is growling fluid vocals, oversized hoop earrings, sequinned jackets, and an intriguingly balanced track whose countenance pits neither this way nor that.

They take on the slightly ill-defined role of death throughout the rapid, almost over exposed shots with the kind of swagger which only further defines their ambiguity.  

Here’s to our fragile existence and what we must do to savour it.