Rap Man Gavin’s “Overthought” is a bedroom recording gone right

Freshly signed to DI$CO’s Megacorp, Rap Man Gavin has just dropped a DIY offering which is a whole lot of wholesome in its rawness.

“Overthought” features Despyher and is the sort of Insta-story-esque montage of a guys’ night in which just get more and more lit. A Clicks prescription hovers in the opening shots – then it’s a whirlwind collection of kitchen shenanigans, canned cream, mop licking (yes, you heard me right).

Think that night you got a little too wired on too many Black Label quarts with the homies. That’s this.

The song itself is simplistic hip-hop by someone who knows what he’s doing – just hasn’t quite found solid footing yet. There’s a sentimentality to the fluid rap verses and synth-driven, hollow baseline beat which serves as the track’s foundation. Defined rhythm and smooth vocalism sweep you up as they go.

It’s good stuff, if a little rough around the edges.

The morning is dirty socks, cigarette butts, uneaten slap chips, and a solid fade-out beat.