Rave & Resistance documents the birth of club culture in 90’s Joburg and is a must-see for any music fan

Last night I went to a screening of Red Bull Music’s latest documentary release, Rave & Resistance, a 42-odd-minute journey to the origins of the dance music scene in South Africa in the early 90’s.

Featuring the views of industry giants like Oskido, Lakuti, Bob Mabena, Vinny Da Vinci (who’s the most entertaining throughout the doccie), DJ Christos, Trompies and G-Force, it’s fascinating to hear first-hands accounts from the people who birthed the scene.

In referencing the most distinct periods in South African music culture, the doccie reminisces on how legends like Brenda Fassie, Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Chicco Twala, Dan Nkosiand the likes, shaped the face of bubblegum, and subsequently influenced the emergence of musicians such as Zola, Bongo Maffin, Mdu, Mandoza and Boom Shaka.

Rave & Resistancewill draw you back to a time in townships where young black kids were finding a way to voice their experiences in a way that had never been done before, while white people, struggling with their privilege, were looking at ways to connect with a world they had been separated from. These two worlds would collide in abandoned buildings in the inner city and mega bashes in the townships.

Their combined efforts would produce a sound that would help this country forge its identity and become significant across the world.

Watch Rave & Resistance below.