Ruff Majik take their distinctive sludge ‘n’ roll to new heights in Tårn

Now here’s something for all you hardened rockers.

The Pretoria-hailing stoner rock trio just dropped their latest album and it’s diving way deeper into the darker spectrum of the genre than they have before.

Freshly signed to Dutch label Lay Bare Recordings, they’ve upped their game three-fold and never before has their Facebook bio rang more true: they heard the call of the void and spat fuzz back at it.

This album is as fuzzy as it gets without entirely obliterating the tracks. Frenzied and fervoured riffage coats each song so thickly you have to almost kick your way through the sludge to find the vocalism – which is a pity as their lyricism is known for it’s narrative and mystical qualities.

“Heretically Happy” is harrowing in its screeching guitar progressions, while “Seasoning The Witch” is a darkly quirky take on Christian witch burning and opens with a sermon-esque speech: “Pray for the holy souls that burn this hour.”

Treading the fine line between metal and heavy rock, Ruff Majik are an acquired taste – but if they’re yours this album is going to be damn good.