Straatligkinders take us back in time with the video for “Herinner”

As cheesy and sentimental as it gets, Straatligkinders’ latest video also adds another layer of meaning to their chosen song.

This time around, the band brought in Lucinda Neethling of Die Melktert Kommissie fame to help tell a story of a love that perseveres in the face of miscommunication and the conflict that usually ensues. The upbeat energy contrasts with the earnest lyrics, creating the sense that maybe this time the story will have a happy ending.

The video takes us back to 1982.

It’s a dance party that just about no one has rocked up to. Naturally Straatligkinders’ front-man decides to ask the only single girl at the party, Lucinda Neethling, to dance with him. Having two people meet for the first time and sing to each other about issues that usually only arise later in a relationship neatly solidifies the point of the song – that communication is key from the start.

Despite using something as cheesy as an awkward ’80s dance party the video brings a sense of earnestness to the song which only adds more power to its words.