The live video for Go the Rodeo’s “I Spoke to God” is deceptively intriguing

With nothing more than a guitar, a microphone, and some moody lighting for company Corne Van Niekerk tells us a bluesy tale about trusting and opening up to the wrong person.

The latest release by Go the Rodeo is a live rendition of Van Niekerk performing “I Spoke to God”.

Seeing the band’s frontman perform the song solo and with the intimacy that this kind of performance allows gives the lyrics an unexpected edge.

There’s a sardonic confidence to Van Niekerk throughout which gives the sense that he knows he’s strong enough to deal with anything that life throws at him with a shrug, a smile, and a strum of his guitar strings.

The set up for the video gives Van Niekerk the freedom to express himself which provides enough nuance to keep it from becoming stale.