The video for Jay Cubed’s “Makoti” brings the song a new level of depth

A soap opera in under four minutes, the video for Jay Cubed’s “Makoti” is an emotional roller-coaster through and through – giving the song a defined character.

Love is a difficult game to play and it often doesn’t end well, and that’s what this track is all about. The journey is subtly, almost imperceptibly, steered in a direction that’s made clear only by the video.

With very natural light transitions and a bunch of other small visual clues the video transports “Makoti” from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other – slowly and then all at once.

At first glance nothing seems amiss but then little things start making themselves seen before the climax and inevitable fall-out. There are moments where the song and the video find themselves on exactly the same wave-length, driving the narrative and giving the composition a whole new level of depth.

It has a subtle brilliance to it which creates a well-rounded, in-depth understanding of just what Jay Cubed has to say.