Them Dirty Shrikes’ latest video is all kaleidoscopic corners and gritty riffage

Pretoria seems to be a constant output of quality rock ‘n’ roll these days.

Them Dirty Shrikes channel a distinguished dark, rollicking track in “Trip & Fall” – steeped in doom and gloom, and yet kept afloat by clarified vocals and dynamic composition.

Dealing with the concept of bad luck and how it could drive one insane – I can vouch for that – they’ve got the kind of vibe which harks home to cramped, smokey underground club – leather-jacketed and long haired.

Back-lit and silhouetted against the concrete wall of an underground parking lot, the band belt out a gritty, roughened rendition of the track.

Dirty chorus drops meet the clarified vocals of Soné Briel – which in themselves lend a knife-sharp edge to the song – cutting through the muddy riffage.

Flashing red light intermittently bathes the scene. The drum kit sits squarely within the painted boundaries of a parking space. A tambourine balances in the foreground of the performance shot. Halfway through the video the imagery begins to split, multiply, slyly mirror. I blink. It’s back to normal.

In one vein it’s femme power cutting through their distinctive components. In another it’s gritty drum-work and dirty riffage.

Either way, get these guys on a stage nearby and they’ll probably have me.