Tyler, the Creator takes hip-hop to another realm entirely in his chart-topping album IGOR

This album just hit number 1.

I’m one track in and I can see why.

You could call IGOR messy. I’d call it an organised muddle of incredible texture. A scrapbook of an album. Each track stacked, twiddled, overlapped and laced in so many flavours you’d never be able to identify them all.

From a thematic point of view, he drops his guard – but did he ever really have his guard up? His music is known for the candour it brings to the table. This time round it’s just a little more apparent.

With a kind of self-possessed frankness he moves through the stages of a messy break-up: an awkward odd-one-out of a love triangle.

It’s all the stages of a broken heart put forward with such forthrightness it’s all you can do but keep up and empathise.

Dark, fibrillating synths – the kind which creep up your legs and into your bones – are just about the only consistency in the album. It’s a mash-up of genre: from the rhythm-driven radio static tendencies of “I THINK” to the dirty bass-line and metallic percussion of “A NEW WAND”. The submerged pop of “GONE, GONE/THANK YOU” and the neo-soul experimentalism of “A BOY IS A GUN”.

It’s a deliciously rich, beautiful clutter of sound.

Expertly stitched until it shines.