Universal themes and radio-bred electro-pop are what Easy Freak’s sophomore album is all about

A lot can be said of Easy Freak’s no Lies, which pivots its sound off a dance groove tangent fleshed out by dirty synth lines and rock solid beat drops.

The electronic pop duo, who recently relocated to Jozi, self-produced this one in their home studio and you’d never guess the slick beats and heady bass drops were the result of a glorified bedroom recording.

While the 10-track album finds itself wandering deeper and deeper into repetitive waters by the close, it’s on the intros and outros of each track where the essence of this album lies.

“rhythm and boo” kicks things off on a bizarrely satirical ballroom-dance inspired opening before morphing into wild electronic dance.

Showcasing islandy Afro-Cuban undertones, “blow out” is all woody percussion and acoustics will have you practically sitting on the Caribbean beach of hip-hop.

“magic” is produced by Muzi and you can tell: it’s all grounded, lower tone, wholesome beats – while “cometogether/uzobona” features Darkie Fiction and its funk-infused verses were written in loadshedding darkness.

Classic South Africa.

There’s a cheekiness to this album, hidden among the generic pop hooks and captivatingly left-field diversions.

Watch out for the hidden gems.