Weed Dealer is going to have you feeling 15, angsty but ready to rock in their debut EP

You know that old band t-shirt you’ve had since your emo-soaked teen glory days? It’s ripped and faded and beer-stained – but it holds a whole world of nostalgia and symbolism. That’s kind of what this EP sounds like.

Weed Dealer’s debut release, The Chain, takes on the alternative rock genre from a throwback vein, which allows the track to hit home in all the right places – while simultaneously weaving a grounded, raw streak which pushes them just off the radar of being too typical of their chosen genre.

Thematically they jump all over the map – from band qualms and social status, to the darker themes of depression and substance abuse of “Note To Self”.

“Instagram idealism sucks/I’m just trying to pay rent,” concurs opening track “Algorithm & Blues”, which is dipped in jangling guitar circa Americana rock – rollicking yet light.

“Wasting Time” is drum-driven and frenzied, while “Common Taste” is an ironic jab at music originality and is perhaps and least original of the EP – I like it.

Get a beer in hand and maybe your dancing shoes on for this one.