Weed Dealer’s debut video “Common Taste” is a proper throwback to early ’00s pop punk nostalgia

Between the last two mid-week public holidays and the excessive amount of gin I’ve been drinking lately, this new band and video slipped by me undetected.

Allow me to introduce you to Weed Dealer. Yes, I know you already have one but you NEED these guys.

This alternative rock 5-piece is made up of more than a few familiar faces from City Bowl Mizers, Wrestlerish, Satanic Dagga Orgy, The Dead Will Tell & Conqueror and their first single and video for “Common Taste” is a proper pop punk-esque throwback to the ’00s when you were getting shit-faced in parking lots on papsak before you’d klap an underage foam party at Dockside. Oddly specific, I know.

From Martin Barrios’ first line (I lack imagination/being cool is hard) you’re smacked with a healthy dose of City Bowl Mizers-rooted nostalgia. Barrios’ voice is instantly recognisable and will take you back to that MK/Avontuur yesteryear when things were oh. so. much. simpler.

But I digress.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about (I see you born frees) I envy you because you get to experience Marty, at the vocal helm of this new alternative group, for the first time.

The video for “Common Taste”, filmed on the bands’ phones, is a subtle piss-take on Fokofpolisiekar’s “Antibiotoka”, Wresterlish’s “Battle Ground” and a few other videos you can pat yourself on the back for if you spot.

In all honesty, there is nothing about this that I don’t like because it appeals to my longing for the good ol’ days of SA’s thriving independent music scene. Not that it’s not thriving now, it’s just so much harder for bands to get any mainstream recognition unless they do a crossover collaboration with GoodLuck, for example.

Weed Dealer’s EP also dropped today and I’ve basically been spinning it all morning. You should too.

Support your local Weed Dealer people.