Bianca Blanc gets the Deezer Sessions treatment with her brand new EP

Featuring the reworkings of three original tracks from her self-titled debut album and a cover of Francois Van Coke’s “Behoort Aan Niemand Nie”, Bianca Blanc has released her Deezer Sessions EP.

As a whole, this EP shows off Blanc’s versatility and talent, starting with a happy-go-lucky, if at times a bit repetitive, tropical-house remix of “Good Vibes” – before a jazzy rendition of “Butterflies” where, seemingly out of nowhere, she showcases a surprising amount of soul.

For her folksy cover of “Behoort Aan Niemand Nie” Blanc enlisted the help of violin master Waldo Alexander to help create a beautifully rousing rendition.

Just to top everything off, the EP closes with a flamenco reworking of “Fire” with Wonderboom’s Martin Schofield on the guitar, taking the original ballad and giving it a more energetic, optimistic feel.

With complete license to play around and experiment, this offering is a little slice of just how diverse her styles and talents are.