Black Pistol’s latest video “Call to Arms” is a rock offering in all its raw glory

Black Pistol go back to basics in their video for their riff-heavy, hard-rocking single “Call to Arms”.

Since the dawn of the electric guitar we have always loved songs that tell us to keep rocking and rolling, and when that rallying cry is set to catchy riffs and driving drums it gets the blood boiling and brings out the head-banger in all of us.

“Call to Arms” is the latest addition to the war against irrelevance and it flies the flag boldly and proudly.

Shot in black and white, the video captures the essence of rock ‘n’ roll: four people rocking out in a studio and giving their all, not a care in the world.

What adds to the attitude in the video is how organic it is. Nothing’s choreographed and the musicians are zoned in on the music, paying no attention to the camera, except for Stiaan Bruwer who directs his intensity straight into the lens.

Rock ‘n’ roll is about passion for the music and losing yourself in the moment and this video is a prime example of what that looks like.

If the song doesn’t make you want to headbang all day and all night then the video certainly will.