Capital Craft Beer Festival in Pretoria next weekend is set to showcase over 40 breweries so best to arrive thirsty

For the last 7 years, CAPITAL CRAFT BEER FESTIVAL has established itself as an indispensable part of Pretoria’s social calendar with over 10 000 beer and music lovers gathering annually in the beautiful natural scenery of the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens. 


 This event sets the bar for the industry with over 40 brewers attending, combined with a variety of entertainment and food on offer, culminating in one spectacular event.

The first CCBF was held in 2013. Creators Johan Auriacombe, Niel Groenewald, Willem & Henk van der Schyf have done events together dating back to the Hotbox and very early Park Acoustics days.

After Hotbox closed, everybody went into their own directions. Johan then approached the guys and they reassembled to produce Pretoria’s very first craft beer festival.

Everything happened so fast! We started planning on the first festival in 2012. By then the Clarens Craft Beer Festival had hosted their second festival and the Jozi Craft Beer Festival had hosted their first. It was a very exciting time back then as craft beer was still such a new concept and finding craft beer was almost impossible especially in Pretoria. You could find Drayman’s at some places and have a Jack Black at the newly founded Lucky Rodrigo’s and a Mitchell’s at Barácas and that was pretty much it.” says Johan.


Every year choosing the brewers is never an easy task seeing as there are so many great producers. Some of the brewers at this year’s festival have already been booked beginning 2018. Every year some brewers take a sabbatical and then it opens up new spots for other brewers and so the rotation goes on.

What makes CCBF so much fun and a yearly highlight for thousands, is the fact that the festival has so many different things on offer. The creators try really hard to create a festival where people can literally get lost. The festival offers different stages with different entertainment areas, each with their own uniqueness and over 40 brewers to cater to everyone’s tastes.

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“We have always said that we want the festival to be a family friendly festival where you can come with your parents, grandparents and friends and experience many different types of music accompanied by great food and the biggest variety of beers in one place!” says Johan.

CAPITAL CRAFT BEER FESTIVAL | A BRIEF HISTORY | 15 JUNE 2019Date: Saturday, 15 June 2019
Venue: Pretoria National Botanical Gardens, Pretoria
Time: 10H00 – 19H00
Price: R160 – R200
Bookings: Plankton |
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