Diamond Thug channel change, beginnings and illusions in their dusky video for “Aphotic Waters”

Bathed in purple, and movement, and dark water, and oceanic sunsets – the Diamond Thug’s latest video never seems to quite line up with the song, and that’s the beauty of it.

The aphotic zone is the zone in deep water where no sunlight penetrates. Evolution theories believe it’s in this zone that the first life forms began.

And just like that, the song speaks of new beginnings, of constant change and our ignorance of time’s movement, and about our collective stubbornness in relinquishing our so-called control over life.

A lot, right?

That’s Diamond Thug for you. You can never read deep enough into their work.

They straddle that line between rooted and untethered sound. They float just above the surface. Not quite touching, never flying away.

Constantly treading the line between ambience and groove, “Aphotic Waters” hits the balance just right – pivoting off a drum line and spherical synths which build and dissipate without ever quite dropping.

It’s a swirling mass of sound, as Chantel Van T gazes out at the dusky sunset from behind a blue veil, moves her limbs, floats through greenish waters.

It’s soothingly haunting – indulge.