Emerger blends right into the cozy back corners of Artscape for their live video of “Nomadic Love”

The first of a three part live video series, Emerger just dropped a bold, cinematic rendition of “Nomadic Love”.

Shot in the orchestral rehearsal rooms of Artscape, the video is bathed in dusky purple and pink, drawing life out of the shadows as the duo, joined this time by drummer Sheldon Yoko, cruise their way through the track.

Hugo Brand shot the entire video in one continuous shot, resulting in a eloquently smooth rolling narrative, moving between the three musicians seamlessly.

While the actual size of the space is almost lost in the shadows of the room, exquisite acoustics are a quick reminder, and despite the simplicity of the venue, the warm lighting lends a raw, homely feeling to the piece as a whole.

The track itself, re-structured for this particular performance, slips between sharp, defined piano lines and broad-ranged rock-infused guitar work with alt-pop candour.

The result is a strangely balanced, billowing sound, as Emma Goode’s bridging vocals sweep across the melody, “We can find a way to escape/over distant troubled waters.”

It’s boldly cinematic, unconventional and beautifully evades the typical genre pin down.