Emotional maturity runs rife in TheSymphny’s latest EP, Moments

Original in arrangements and fluid in genre Moments by TheSymphny is a simmering exploration of growing up and finding the kind of love you deserve.

Changing course from his previous offering, Vol.2, TheSymphny tones things down this time, giving his lyrics the spotlight. 

“Back To You” sets the tone for the rest of the EP both lyrically and musically. The gentle piano support the words as he reminds that it’s okay to get rid of people who don’t make you feel good about yourself.

“Trust Interlude” brings in the idea of allowing yourself to trust somebody despite past experiences, before “Let You Go” puts a different spin on your typical break-up song. Opening with the lines “I need to let you go/ for us both to grow,” TheSymphny proves his maturity and his understanding that sometimes a relationship is meant to be a growth-catalyst and nothing more. 

With his hard-to-place sound has proven in this EP that he is as emotionally mature as he is musically mature.