Francesca Biancoli’s latest release comes alongside a beautifully shot video narrative

Cape Town wind whistles through the city as a car idles on a suburban corner.

With dexterity, Jessie Zinn and Sara de Gouveia, of Lionfish Productions, bring to life Francesca Biancoli’s “Wind”, with subdued colours and fluent narrative.

The Italian musician has been navigating the Cape Town scene since 2013 and has never looked more at home among the mountains. Her daring, explorative style carves in her niche though her refined neo-soul, jazz hop sound.

A baritone piano foundation lends a dramatic, unexpectedly classical slant to the track’s intro – short-lived however, as she launches into jazzy vocal line – cut through with an insistent snare and kick drum.

Everything about this women is bold and beautifully textured.

The video progresses through muted colours and wintery skies. Biancoli and her equally bold, beatifully textured partner kick back in a car, bound through fynbos-brush, spin on an idle roundabout.

It’s romantic in the simplest and truest of ways.

Then it’s arguments through cigarette smoke and slammed doors. Things begin to unravel, come back together, then unravel again without realizing it.

Is it meant to be open-ended, or have I missed the tipping point?

A rewind fails to clear things up – but despite the questionable close, the video stands strong in fluid poignancy.