Fresh Flex Friday

Fresh Flex Friday #91

We’re back after a one month hiatus, I hope you missed us!

I was galavanting around Europe attending music festivals and absorbing as much sun as possible before succumbing to the icy cold fate of winter back in South Africa. One thing we can rely on is that no matter how cold it gets outside we are going to serve up the best selection of sensory heat we can find for you. So grab those headphones, it’s time to freshen up your weekend playlist. 

HONEYMOAN – Sweat Gold 

I stopped in my tracks when I heard this song. I don’t keep it a secret that I absolutely love this band. But I am in awe of this song. Flawless composition, striking the perfect balance between grit, raw emotion and dreamy melodies. I’m quite certain that before the week is over I’ll be responsible for the majority of their new plays, I cannot get enough of hearing this play on repeat in my head. Side note, if there was any justice in the world this song would find its way onto the Stranger Things soundtrack.

George Kalukusha – I Got That Feeling

This is the energy and spirit we all deserve right now. Malawi-born Kalukusha delivers a succinct embodiment of unadulterated joy. Conjuring up imagery and the sensory association of being in love, sunshine and happiness. Kalukusha is an incredible storyteller and songwriter, taking us on a journey through our own emotions, steeped in nostalgia for a simpler and more special time. 

Chris Snakes – Why feat Garde and June

A section of the new generation of hip hop artists in South Africa are either churning out rampant club jumps, or molasses thick slow jams much like this track. Setting aside my disdain for americanized accents in local rap music, this track and video is an accurate commentary on the nature of contemporary love and relationships. The battle between hook-up culture and real feelings, the back-and-forth of superficial investment and deeper meaning – it speaks volumes about the awareness of this generation.

Kyle Deutsch x SkattaIsDead – Bring Back The Love

The most striking element of this release is the contrast of the visual against the style of the song. I’m completely drawn in by the mood of the treatment and the power of the dancer in the video. It is a really unexpected pairing when you hear the song, and I’m still trying to decide whether this is a work of genius or if they just got lucky when they took the risk. Either way, Deutsch has a great voice and the beat is interesting enough to get me to complete the song but the visuals are the true winner hear.

Cornelius SA – Superman feat Fakazile

Released as part of an international compilation called MADORASINDAHOUSE, the compilation is a first of its kind for MIDH Records. Cornelius SA has made a name for himself with his signature, powerful basslines and grooves as well as by working with some of the best house vocalist on offer. This track features Fakazile, and the pair compliment each other so well that you can’t help being caught up in the listening experience. Look out for this song on a dancefloor near you.