GoodLuck and DJ Ganyani freshly dropped “Waiting For You” is the only video you need to see this weekend

How much praise can you heap on GoodLuck in their carefully calculated, almost effortless expansion across the globe?

Pair them up with Afro-house king DJ Ganyani and you’ve got something you don’t find often.

The track itself is an expert combination of genre, hitting both Afro-house stoicism and electro-pop nuance with the kind of boogie-worthy professionalism rarely found.

Jules’s familiar, sultry vocalism is the welcome glaze on the offering, but it’s the deep-seated production which makes this song the hit it’s abounding to be.

Filmed in the beating heart of Joburg, the video is a colour-soaked, energy-fuelled tribute to African dance culture and the aspiration of becoming bigger then your inherent weaknesses.

A one-legged man hops through urban streets, through the movement and magnitude of the dancers he craves to be among, and though it somehow finds his own fluidity.

Stitched together by Afro-beats which will always get your hips moving – I’m sorry, but it’s the truth – it’s striking, unique and utterly supportive of a country and a culture we are collectively trying to pull together.