Jack & June’s Rootspring field recording session is an autumn Kalk Bay Harbour dream

They couldn’t look more like modern gypsy swingers if they tried.

Jacqueline Tolkin and Peter Hoven, as a duo hailing beneath the moniker of Jack & June, perch on the deck of swaying boat.

Rootspring Music took things up a notch with this charming, beguiling field recording. A handful of boats bob in the grey-ish morning, notorious seagulls launch from their perches on the swaying masts.

Let’s face it, False Bay is always idyllic, any way you slice it. This particular slice lends the ocean strip another quality entirely.

In the starkly stripped and unplugged environment, their sound hits home with resonance.

“Light Your Way”, co-written by the two of them, is a love ballad in the simplest sense. They trade vocal roles with ease and honeyed smiles. While his growling timbre lends an edge to the track, her counterpart launches forth with billowing force put forward with measured power.

Tolkin’s original “You Win” is equally as charming, and perhaps a touch more refined. A shaker clasped in one hand lends an earthy percussive edge, while honed acoustic riffage fleshes it out at the edges.

I don’t know about you, but I might head out for some quality fish and chips and hope to catch a serenade.