Janie Bay shows bravery and a willingness to adapt with her latest single “Amper Daar”

Janie Bay bravely ventured into new territory when she released her latest pop-single “Amper Daar” and its accompanying video last month.

The song, which navigates the ups and downs of real-life relationships, is enjoyable but falls short of being memorable.

Rather than using the general pop-structure as a launching pad to create something unique, Bay finds herself using it as a crutch and brings nothing new to the table.

The same can be said about the video. As beautiful as the shots the colour schemes are, it finds itself relying on clichés to tell the story. We’ve all seen hundreds of road-trip music videos and this one needed a little more oomph to launch it forward.

Credit must be given to Janie Bay for being brave enough to steer her ship in the direction that pop has been going of late, but rather than forge her own path through the waters she’s stuck to the beaten path.

Want, amper daar.