Kwesta accidentally gives “Khethile Khethile” the heartfelt video it deserves

A touching documentation of a very special day in his life Kwesta’s brand new video for “Khethile Khethile” is easy-going and filled with positivity.

An honest ode to Kwesta’s wife, friends, and everybody that has helped him grow into who he is as a musician and a person.,the song also serves as an indication of his mind-set as he embarks on this new journey.

Unfiltered and unrehearsed, the video gives us an intimate view of Kwesta’s western and traditional weddings.

Without any intentions of turning it into a music video, his good friend K-Zaka managed to capture all the feelings that go hand in hand with a wedding. We’re allowed to follow his transformation from a bundle of nerves to the happiest man alive.

Although originally not intended to be put to music, the video for “Khethile Khethile” makes the song that much more special.