Lex LaFoy hones in her focus on vulnerable femininity and the strength found behind it in her latest EP

This is the Durban-hailing rapper’s 5th record release and 22 sees Lex LaFoy flexing her temperament a little more.

The last time I reviewed her she was honey-soaked and EDM-orientated in Honey Bass. This time around it’s trap tendencies and sultry Afro-beats.

According numerology, 22 is the number which symbolises the manifestation of dreams – and LeFoy takes this to heart as she leaps forth with candid sound wrapped in themes of sexuality, love and desire.

She packs a solid punch in the rolling 4-track EP. From the pulsing beat and fluid verses of “Trust” which kicks off the album with staccato rhythm, to swirling patchwork canvas of melody which underpins “RnB Soul” and features Lord Script.

“Good Good” is awash in warping, oozing synths before a kwito-esque beat kicks in – while “Dolphins” briefly hones in on her African roots with the short-lived, albeit striking Credo Mutwa excerpt which opens the track.

The EP wraps up on a pounding remix of “Good Good” and “RnB Soul” apiece – and while thematically it’s sometimes hard to quiet get her drift, she’s all sorts of creative when she comes to the hip hop table.