My Brother Einstein’s “Love You Till I Die” is the kind of indie-rock which will make you look twice

OK, but for real, where is the hype around these guys?

For a band so low on the radar they have some quality stuff out there – or at least the two songs which currently make up their repertoire.

The four-piece alternative rock outfit hail from the Mother City and are shuffling their feet to kick up some well-needed dust into an over-saturated genre.

Two lines in and they’re throwing quirk into the nostalgia of this track: “You didn’t pick up the phone/and that made me feel bad/like when you stub your toe on the foot of the table.”

The video is high-quality, engaging focus-pulled shots of their recording process. It’s all guitar necks, plaid shirts, blue suede shoes, spiking monitor needles, and rhythms tapped out on armchairs.

The track moves swiftly through stages. Kicking off on stripped electric guitar and vocals, it launches into a cruising pysch vein before turning 180 degrees and flipping the tempo on its head. Whining guitar riffage and a prevailing “ooh la la” melody line builds until it all but combusts.

They’re going to quietly make a name for themselves if they keep going like this.