Packed with potential, Travis Marc’s Staring Down the Rhino falls just short of quite living up to it

On paper it has everything it needs. The instruments work well with each other and with the vocals, but the album’s production leaves it all feeling stifled.

Staring Down the Rhino  isn’t the sum of all its parts but rather a lazily put together effort.

Songs like “Overstay My Welcome” and “Sorry… Wrong Trajectory” fall flat despite the definite potential they hold, while “Lightheaded” and “Frustration”, despite their best efforts, are sabotaged by a lack of refinement.

In spite of all this, there are some songs that succeed.

“Ghost” is a dark, solemn number that seems to live comfortably in the album’s imperfections. “Trick Mirror” has a quiet confidence about it with its funky versus and much harder choruses, keeping the ears locked it from start to finish.

With better production value this album could do well. Unfortunately, instead of packing a punch, it just gives you a half-hearted high five.