Peasant drops their rapid-fire lyric video for “Destined to Dirt” ahead of their most hard-hitting album yet

Thrash and power violence leap forth with machine gun bursts of rapid fire lyrics and fine-tuned riffage.

This is Peasant’s latest offering. “Destined to Dirt”: a doom, gloom vessel worth a mosh.

A band prone to reshuffling, new vocalist Adri Jordaan brings hints of death metal into the mix, as the gutteral roar of his lyricism hits hard from the get-go.

Behind the gritty vocalism tightly-wound, clarified riffage and hardy drum work hold the track together. Each aspect vies for attention, resulting in a carefully balanced track – doused in darkness.

Yellow and black lyrics are plastered across the screen with retro collage-style vigour. Potent enough for each set to come across as a sort of slap-in-face movie title.

Part way through the the riffage slows to a kick-back tempo chase. “Fuuuuck,” Jordaan roars across the simplicity. “Chasing the dawn to the end of the world.”

It’ll leave you with a sore throat and a crick in the neck and beer spilled down your back.

And that’s what you want.