Rhythm-driven and as creative as they’ve ever been PEASANT hit you hard with Unrest Eternal

PEASANT returned to the welcoming arms of Roastin’ Records this year to drop Unrest Eternal – a 9-track album whose death-metal vocals (viva Adri Jordaan) spill thickly over the surprisingly deftly textured underscorings of every track.

Fully fledged metal-core on almost every account, the album leaps ahead with breakneck enthusiasm. Try keep up, or try keep your body to – it’s a solid challenge.

From the wild, warping riffage of “LIFE’S END”, to the rapid drum work of “SIRENS” and “THE ROAD” – playful tempo lines brings things to a boiling point and then right back down to a simmer within minutes.

“WRECKAGE” is soaked in an unexpected synth-soled ambient intro which is gone as swiftly as it comes, to be drowned in a barrage moody, sludgy riffage.

They take a moment to revisit, or perhaps just revel in, some purer, straightforward metal-influence throughout the likes of “LIGAUTURE”, “ROOTS” and “DESTINED TO DIRT” – while “UNREST ETERNAL” and its lazer-syths suddenly throw in space-age-ism into the mix.

It’s a sonic onslaught: aggressive, wild, steeped in despair more often than not.

These guys deliver some of the grungiest sound with eloquent poise and we wouldn’t expect anything less.