Roundabout Films release a live video of A.S. Fanning’s “Abandoned” from Endless Daze Festival

Saturday morning at Endless Daze festival last year was rough on me for three reasons.

After having consumed my weight in Jagermeister the night before in the hopes of forgetting a semi-serious heartbreak, I ambled into the bedouin-tented area to lie down in a corner and zone out to whoever was playing.

Already facing a debilitating heart and headache, I wasn’t at all emotionally prepared for the A.S. Fanning set I’d stepped into.

The Irish are well-renown for their stark, poetic storytelling – whether in literature of music – so it came as little surprise to me when I found out the singer was from Dublin.

Armed with with nothing but an acoustic, and flanked by Irish counterpart Candice Gordon who’d performed the day before, the lanky singer’s accented baritone basically made me weep like a child on the playground whose friends were ignoring her.

The title of this track pretty much says it all. “Abandoned” leaves little to the imagination and A.S. Fanning leaves no lyrical stone unturned while trying to paint the bleakest picture of a society left to its own devices.

It’s one of those performances I will remember until the day I die.