Simplicity reigns supreme in Josh Middleton’s “Stay” video

Take an artist and strip their sound right down to the core and you’ll find what they’re really made of.

While Josh Middleton’s debut album was awash in EDM-honed pop influence, “Stay” is a whole new ballgame and a chance to really appreciate the vocals on this guy.

Honed right down to a wholesome piano line, overlain by his rich vocalism, it’s hard to believe Middleton hasn’t even cracked his twenties.

The honey-toned video, directed by Brett Jones from Tall Creatives, sees Middleton cut a lone figure in a deserted sun-soaked chapel. He perches on a pew, snug in white turtle-neck sweater, and belts out the song.

Perhaps the video takes the simplicity a little too far. While quality, warmly lit shots pan in, out, and around – that’s all they really do. He doesn’t budge from his position-  and when a sweeping cinematic riff rolls around it feels a touch awkward.

Nevertheless, I’ll bring up the vocals again, because they truly are the tipping point here. And rather than hiding behind his previous electro-pop veil, which admittedly will make you dance, “Stay” reminds us why this 16-year-old is pushing to be on the forefront of the scene right now.