#ThenAndNow: Bam Bam Brown’s got nothing but love for the man who raised him

How often does Youth day and Father’s day fall on the same day?

Almost never.

Bam Bam Brown, World of Birds, and Dope Folks are sharing a line-up for Free for Fathers at Mercury Live at the end of t. As the name suggests, pops ain’t gotta pay, so gather the fam and celebrate the way things youth to be.

Leading up to the 16th of June, we decided we’d get a little nostalgic ‘cause who doesn’t love a pic of pops when he still had hair, or a snap of your favourite musician before they could walk?

We’ll be profiling the front man from each band with a set of questions to give you a look into their childhood.

Kicking things off, we have Kieron Brown, known to the music scene as Bam Bam Brown.

What is your father’s nickname for you?

I can only really recall him calling me Bieltjie for some reason. He called my twin sister Ieltjie. I have no idea what the connotations were but at least we had separate titles.

What was your father’s response when you decided to become a musician?

I came home during my final exams at university and told my dad I’m quitting for music. He was surprisingly supportive but in a firm way. His basic response was, “Well, if that’s what you want to do, don’t f**k it up.

Growing up, did you and your father have any father-son traditions? If so, what were they?

We just watched a lot of live music together, shared the cd and vinyl player and eventually the live DVD sets. My dad and I are kinda like music best buddies and we can listen to any kind of music and have the same opinions on a song or album.

What is your favourite memory of you and your father?

Ah, I remember my dad passed out on his knees in front of the sound system on late Saturdays with the speakers blaring right in his face. He’d wake up so he could enjoy his favourite parts of songs and then just go back to his prayer position on standby – it was so entrancing to see the effect music could have on the people you love.

What is a song you associate with your father?

The Boys Are Back in Town by Thin Lizzy.

It’s feel good, it’s well written, and the groove hits as hard as the lyrics. It’s just like my old man.

Pictured below we have Russel ‘The Love Muscle’ Brown. Ladies, get in line.

They’re also running a competition, a search for “Cape Town’s dopest dad”. The winner gets a couple of tickets to Sunday’s event, as well as a bar tab.

So what are you waiting for?