Soaked in sentimentality, Too Many Chiefs’ Colour Bereft is a full-spectrum romantic ode

Some Port Elizabeth talent to add to your radar.

Too Many Chiefs have emerged on the scene with a debut full-length offering which is as nostalgic as it is catchy.

The five-piece outfit, who hail from the windy city, take on everything from love at first sight to the demise of A relationship, over the course of the 10-track narrative – providing a broad-scope insight into just what sort of a shit-show 2018 was for frontman Emile Naidu (we feel you, last year was rough).

Clean, jangling indie-rock with a decidedly pop-orientated underpinning takes the lead. Broad-scoped and upbeat, “Welcome In” kicks off the album with a meet-cute nod at love at first sight.

Catchy and radio-bred, Colour Bereft is the sort of offering soaked in Americanized vocals and generic structure, with just enough melodic quirk and fine-tuned production to set it aside.

Electric guitar and honed synths turn the trajectory vaguely towards psych-induced fields (see “Round and Round” and “True or False”) – while “Did You Forget” takes the cake for me, with swelling synths which counter sentimental reflection.

It’s packed full of earworms and indie-pop hooks. Disregard the repetition which leaks from one track to another and it’s got some good meat on its bones.