Two Door Cinema Club’s False Alarm is a bold and pivotal reinvention of the trio

Two Door Cinema Club just redefined themselves and the multi-tiered pop genre at once.

Their fourth studio release drops this Friday and is a hardy pop-funk, futuristic pivot on a score of retro genres.

Peppered in pop-culture references and snide snubs at our relationship with social media, the 10-track offering takes borrowed elements of pop, disco, rock, funk, and soul and spins them into a bizarre medley of reinvented sound.

Environmental woes take to the fore in the rollicking punk funk of “Dirty Air”: “I gave myself to the city/I want to breathe dirty air”, as defined bass rhythm propels the track with candid vigour.

The rhythm of the entire album is something to write home about. Synth percussion and sexy baselines are rife and ready to be picked, while pop hooks catch and reel you in effortlessly.

“Break” takes on pop from a freshly wholesome level, while the likes of “Satisfaction Guaranteed” and “Satellite” are soaked in ’90’s synth incandescence.

Fans of the band may want to take this album with a pinch of salt and an open mind and the sturdiest dancing shoes they can find.

You’re going to like this one.

False Alarm is out this Friday.