Vulvodynia to embark on debut headlining tour of Australia in November

I feel like Vulvodynia came out of nowhere, but this is definitely not the case.

My first alert to their graft was when they announced their Spotify analytics for 2018, where they’d amassed 1 million streams by 77 000 fans across 65 countries. This is a ridiculous stat.

Post this streaming revelation, it seems that the touring and jet-setting has only progressed in 2019.

From Europe this month and to The States next month, the death metal fiends have just announced their first headlining tour of Australia which bassist Chris van der Walt is ecstatic for explaining, “Super excited to play Australia! Some my favourite bands are from there. Touring the southern hemisphere is always a great vibe.”

Check out their tour details below and earmark this Friday the 30th of June where their new album Mob Justice will be released on all digital platforms.

Watch the lyric videos for Mob Justice and Nyaope

Pre-order the album here